swipl-odbc - SWI-Prolog ODBC interface

License: (BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or Artistic) and (BSD or GPL) and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD and Public Domain
The value of RDMS for Prolog is often over-estimated, as Prolog itself can
manage substantial amounts of data. Nevertheless a Prolog/RDMS interface
provides advantages if data is already provided in an RDMS, data must be
shared with other applications, there are strong persistency requirements
or there is too much data to fit in memory.

The popularity of ODBC makes it possible to design a single
foreign-language module that provides RDMS access for a wide variety of
databases on a wide variety of platforms. The SWI-Prolog RDMS interface is
closely modeled after the ODBC API. This API is rather low-level, but
defaults and dynamic typing provided by Prolog give the user quite simple
access to RDMS, while the interface provides the best possible performance
given the RDMS independency constraint.


swipl-odbc-7.6.4-1.1.el7.jk.x86_64 [63 KiB] Changelog by Joachim Katzer (2018-01-26):
- Rebuilt for EL7
swipl-odbc-7.2.3-1.1.el7.jk.x86_64 [60 KiB] Changelog by Joachim Katzer (2016-09-18):
- Rebuilt for EL7

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